This beautiful brindle coat isn't seen often. This handsome guy was rescued by IMP's from a shelter.
Miniature Pinschers of Different Color
Here are few pictures of Miniature Pinschers in
color's that aren't seen everyday.
Let's get to know our colors.
A page of standard Min Pin colors
This beautiful spotted colored coat is called a Harlequin. But not seen in this modern day.
At one time they were even seen in the show ring.
This picture of a old postcard showing Min Pin's in unseen color's of today, colors that ONCE were, that is believed to be no longer. 
Three beautiful Harlequin colored Miniature Pinschers.
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Byron is a red merle HARLEQUIN,  visit Byron
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Here is a brindle pup, a friend of mine owns. To see more pictures of Brindles CLICK HERE
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Harlequin / Merle Miniature Pinschers
Alex is a  black/rust brindle Harlequin, visit Alex