Black/rust Brindle Miniature Pinscher
Alex @ 16 weeks
To show the Brindle marking
To show the Brindle marking
Alex @ 16 weeks
Alex @ 16 weeks
Alex is the new man around here. .
Alex is just a baby now. Can't wait, to see what he will look  like  when hes older.
Alex is registered with the HPA.  (*Harlequin Pinscher  Association) Black/rust Brindle
In this photo of his paw you can see the brindle
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Sally is a Black/rust Brindle,
with her natural tail
Registered with HPA (*Harlequin Pinscher  Association).
Pictures coming soon
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Byron Red Merle Harlequin Pinscher
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Alex is every thing you would want 10 3/4" tall, nice topline, tail set, tight feet, great movement , erect ears, scissors bite. Super sweet temperament
Can't wait be see his puppies when the time comes.

  Thank you Gretchen             for this wonderful little man

Sally is now spayed & in a pet home.
She didn't get big enough
If it wasn't for her size, she would have been a perfect addition
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