Meet the Boy's
Leroy is visiting for a while, enjoying  the Florida sunshine.
Leroy is available for stud
Theo  is one of the original men of the house here.  [retired]
Theo has his own web page:
Theo's pedigreee is on his page.
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Just Frank
Frank has his own web page:
Frank's pedigree is on his page. Visit Frank's page Click here
Wolfman was with us for only a short  while
He touched our hearts, he is dearly missed..
Leroy's pedigree
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Oscar is my chocolate guy
[ Miniature Dachshund ] in a house full of Min Pins.
He shares a page with his girlfriend Claire.

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Byron is my Harlequin / Merle Min Pin.

MPS VI ~ Normal /clear

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Alex  is my  NEW little Man
Black/rust Brindle
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Working on his own web page:

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