Teacup Min Pins ? 

Buyers should also be aware that there is no such dog as a “teacup “or “pocket “ Min Pin ” These are simply terms that certain breeders use to increase interest in their dogs (and sometimes the price). Some Min Pins are smaller than others, but the breed standard recommended by AKC  [MPCA] should be between 10 ” to 12 ˝” tall.    

 Do you want to end up going to the vet all the time?

The so-called “teacup Min Pin” usually isn’t very healthy. The tiny ones tend to have many health issues, from water on the brain to liver shunts (abnormal veins that result in failure of the liver to metabolize toxins and brain inflammation) & HYPOGLYCEMIA (Low Blood Sugar).   

When you get a dog down to two lbs, nothing develops like it should. The heart is too small; the liver is too small so on and so on. Often the so-called “teacup Min Pin ” will have the Chihuaha-esque, apple-domed skull and an open fontanel, a skull shape that is incorrect conformation for a Miniature Pinscher.  People forget about that!   

You wouldn’t see a so-called “teacup Miniature Pinscher” in the show ring, because this super-small- sized Min Pin is bellow the preferred standard & often associated with incorrect conformation.

A Miniature Pinscher may occasionally be born small, but the tiny size is of no advantage. Despite the health issues, some unethical breeders try to profit from these tiny dogs cuteness. 

 Some unscrupulous breeders purposely breed for the “teacup” Min Pin because they can sell them for a lot more money. The whole teacup phenomenon is a horrible thing because the breed is already small, & you will end up paying a lot of veterinarian bills because so often the wee ones have more health problems. 

 There is no doubt these puppies are adorable, but I would be very cautious about getting one!