Please remember your puppy is like a baby, Until he or she is about 6 months old, your puppy will need your guidance and training to make him/her a wonderful member of your family.Puppies are a considerable amount of work.

Puppies will whine/cry, have potty accidents, and tear things up.
Be sure you are ready to make a commitment before you decide to buy one.


Timing is essential.

Your puppy will have to relieve himself after eating, playing and when he/she wakes up. Keep a regular feeding and watering schedule for housebreaking to be successful. Take him outside first thing in the morning and praise him for a job well done.

Remember that keeping to a regular schedule of meals and walks will make it much easier. Young pups need to relieve themselves right after they eat, so after†††† breakfast and a drink, take him outside again.


If you are going to walk your puppy, don't end the walk as soon as he relieves himself, he will figure out that holding it will result in more time outside. End your trip in a little fun /play time before heading back inside.

If you are letting him/her outside in your fenced in backyard to potty. Donít just put him/her outside and go about your business in the house, thinking when you hear them cry/whine at the door that they went potty.

More chances than not, they forgot about going potty when they notice you are gone and started looking for you. So you let them in the house thinking they have gone potty, and to your surprise/anger, they potty in the house almost as soon as they get in the house. They are so relieved to find you, thatís when they remember oh man I have to potty, canít hold it!!

Stay outside with them; let him/her know they have been good by going potty outside. Have a little fun /play time before heading back inside.

When inside always watch him/her close and if he/she acts like he's going to "go", [carry them if you must] quickly outside.

Provide him/her with their own special place such as a crate
or play area (with a safe toy or two) anytime you are not watching them.A puppy is less likely to relieve himself in a confined space and will hold it until the walk [trip outside], but remember that he/she cannot hold it for very long. Rule of thumb, a little give and take here, at 2 months of age every 2 hrs, at 3 months of age every 3 hrs, at 4 months of age every 4 hrs, so on.

If you are going to be gone for long periods of time [like being at work] I like using carte with the door open, inside a ex-pen with news paper, so the puppy has a place to relieve him/her self

Never give punishment. If you punish him, later he will act guilty, hanging his head and looking sad but this does not mean that he understands, all he knows is that you are unhappy with him.

Catching your Min Pin in the act is different than finding a mess. If you see him getting into position, you may be able to stop him mid-squat with a loud noise, like clapping your hands or stamping your foot. Then pick him up, hurry him outside, and praise him for finishing what he started. Don't use the outdated method of spanking him with a rolled up newspaper or rubbing his nose in his mess.

Such punishments teach him to hide from you and eliminate behind the sofa where he thinks you won't find it, instead of performing proudly for praise

Min pins have an average life span of 12 -15 years.
They deserve the best life you can give them, are you ready and willing to
make the commitment?



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