Blue Min Pins are not only a beautiful color, but also an accepted color with AKC, however, in 1980 the MPCA seeing a preponderance of problems with their coats as a result of unknowledgeable & irresponsible breeders, voted to not allow blues or fawns in the show ring. 

Blue and Fawn Miniature Pinschers often suffer from a condition called Color Dilution Alopecia.  which is symptomatic of severe hair loss and poor coats. The Symptoms can be bilateral balding, which usually begins in the flank area or along the top line and spreads down the back.  Balding may be noticeable as a puppy or gradually becomes a problem, as the dog gets older. But, alas... There is a "movement" if you will, to maybe get that decision reversed and hopefully it will happen one day soon. A few very conscientious breeders are selectively breeding.
The blue gene is a dilute gene.
Blue/Tan is a dilute color of the Black/Rust. Fawn/Rust is a dilute color of the Chocolate/Rust.


Breeding blues / Fawns takes on a special responsibility to avoid problems that can take place, mainly skin problems like Alopecia, There are a handful of breeders who are making every effort to eliminate the gene that is producing this problem. I have joined those ranks. Interestingly it is not really just a blue Min Pin problem, but because of indiscriminate and irresponsible breeding it is seen more often in the blues & fawns.
There are breeders who have no conscience at all and are breeding just to get the color without careful thought to who and what they are breeding. They will breed dilute to dilute, inferior breeding stock etc.
These breeders will advertise "RARE" blue Min Pins or Fawns.... well folks.... blues and fawns are NOT rare...what is rare is to find a breeder who is offering these colors from sound stock.
Keep in mind that some balding/hair loss may be because of a Thyroid problem and not Color Dilution Alopciea at all.  Don't overlook this if you see or have a Blue or Fawn with a thinning coat.

No breeder will guarantee against Alopecia. It is not life threatening. It is also difficult if not impossible to treat. There is no magic remedy. However, the law of averages is certainly in your favor if you choose a Breeder who is knowledgeable and breeding conscientiously. All dogs, of any breed, should be bred by reputable, educated breeders. 

It is important to keep the dogs and puppies long-term health and well being top priority and strive for quality first not quantity.  Any blues or fawns with either background history of coat/skin problems or if they have problems themselves should not be used for breeding.  It is also important not to breed blues to blues or blues to fawns.  This will only break down the dilute color and make the offspring more prone to these problems.  Responsible breeding will get healthy coated blues and fawns.

This is true no matter what. Make sure you are comfortable with the breeder, in making a decision to purchase that beautiful puppy. We are hoping to see blues and fawns of good, healthy quality being used for breeding.  Hoping to eventually see them in the show ring again so everyone can enjoy these beautiful colored Min Pins.

Learn all you can and help pass the knowledge along.

. If you're looking for these colors, contact me. If I don't have any, I will try to refer you to a responsible breeder who may have what you want.