the G.P. [ German Pinscher ]
I own  6 Miniature Pinschers & one German Pinscher ISABEL.  I had looked into getting a G.P. for 3 years before ever getting one . I had owned & shown Dobermans [mostly in obedience] . When it came time to put my old Doberman asleep [ she was just shy of being 15 years old] , I wanted something in the house bigger than the Min Pins but didn't want another Dobie, so I went looking for a breeder that  had G.P.'s, with temperament being my First priordity.
I had heard that they weren't good with small children or small dogs. But that wasn't going to stop me from trying to find one with the temperament that I wanted. A few breeders even turned me down from selling me a G. P. because,  I raised Min Pins & telling me that a G. P. would kill them. Plus I had a small child and they told me for sure that that was not a good mix.
I didn't believe that all of them were like that, for I had heard the same stories about Dobermans many years ago and I knew for a FACT that that was not so. There were good Dobie's out there and I for one had owned a few  good ones [ and a few bad ] so I knew in my heart  that there, had to be a good G.P. out there some where. And I believe I have found her .
Let the pictures speak for themselves.
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